When we headed into 2020, we left the possibly most intense months with incredible and unforgettable memories behind us. The new year looked promising. We were beyond excited for what was to come.

All of a sudden the outlet that our creativity, time and passion became so heavily invested in was gone. Here’s our endeavour to cope with the current state of apathy, turning this anticlimax into something positive.

We just couldn’t stand the feeling to let what 2020 promised fade away into oblivion and teamed up with some of our closest collaborators to create something meaningful and memorable.

LOST SUMMER is a benefit project featuring a shirt and print designed by Benedikt „Druckwelle“ Demmer incorporating all bands and artists that were supposed to play before the pandemic let things fall apart.

Every shirt, handprinted by Blakk Meaddow, comes with a high quality riso poster by Superkolor.

All proceeds will be going towards Pro Asyl, who are fighting against the inhumanity at Europe’s borders.

Thanks to everybody who supported LOST SUMMER. With your help we were able to raise a 2.000 Euro donation.

This project was a collaborative effort involving numerous friend’s ideas and time. Special thanks to Jessi (webdesign), Steffen (trailer) and Spark (for letting us use their tunes).

Stay safe, take care. We can’t wait to see all of you at shows again.